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Mister B’s Tip of The Day #1

Blog Tips

Hello everyone,

Now we have so many new features to tell everyone about, I’m going to have a Tip of the Day for you. Many of them will be from our exhaustive FAQ where you can find answers to over 100 questions.

You can find our full list of questions on the FAQ..
We also have 12 video tutorials to help you get acquainted with the new system.

Today, the question on everyone’s lips:

How do I add domains to NDX Market?

First of all, you need a NameDrive account. If you don’t have one, click here to sign up. It’s free and takes less than 60 seconds.

Once you confirm your account, the first screen you will see is the Add Domains screen. Simply add the domains you wish to sell, click “Save and continue to NDX Market”, enter your sales settings and the domains will be listed on NDX Market.

If the domains are already in your NameDrive account, log into your account and click ‘NDX Market’ on the left navigation menu. Next, click ‘Add domains to NDX’ on the left navigation.

The Not Listed tab will show you all domains listed in your NameDrive account which are not yet listed on NDX Market. If you have more than 500 unlisted domains, read the informatoin below. To list domains, simply click the checkboxes next to domains you wish to list and then click ‘Add to NDX Market’ at the bottom of the page.

You can then set up your domains as you wish on NDX Market. Please note that all domains listed on NDX Market must have a relevant category. Once you are finished, click ‘Save and continue’, check your settings and click ‘Save and List on NDX Market’.

The domains will then be reviewed by the NameDrive team and listed on NDX Market once they are approved.

If you have more than 500 domains in your account, you can add domains to NDX Market using the Manual Upload tab. Simply paste in domains you wish to add to the paste in box. Please be aware that these domains need to be in your NameDrive account to list them this way.

If you have larger numbers of domains to add to NDX Market or if you would like some help importing category settings from other platforms, please contact us at and we would be happy to help.

Check back for regular updates for my Tips of the Day.

Mister B

New NameDrive Front office and NDX Market

New NameDrive Front office and NDX Market

NameDrive are delighted to announce the launch of NDX Market, a fully-integrated domain trading platform, and a full relaunch of our domain parking front office.

Building on several years’ experience of brokering private domain sales totaling several million dollars, NameDrive now gives all of our clients the opportunity to buy and sell domains on a vibrant, innovative, international trading platform: NDX Market.

Domain owners can list domains as best offer or auctions, both with the added option of setting a BuyNow price – offering the chance to set up your own fixed price domain store.

Domain investors can take advantage of Park&Sell listings which show domains’ parking earnings for the last 30 days on NameDrive, giving you the opportunity to invest in domains which are proven to make real cash.

In addition to launching a comprehensive aftermarket, NameDrive has also fully revamped the homepage and parking front office.
Since August 2005, NameDrive has been renowned for innovation in domain management and parking options. NameDrive were the first company to provide folder management for domains, next generation parking templates, full IDN functionality, global optimization preview, individual letter capitalization and more.

The new Front Office takes this innovation to the next level with full per-country statistical breakdown and settings, dynamic navigation, advanced analytical tools, on-the-fly optimization, virtual folders and customizable log in screens among several new features.

Make sure you drop by soon to check out the new features, list your domains on the aftermarket and look into expanding your domain portfolio on NDX Market.

You can find video tutorials and tours on our new Video Tutorial Lounge here.

We hope you enjoy using the new system as much as we enjoyed building. We’d obviously love to hear any and all feedback. We will continue to make changes and updates over the next couple of weeks, so this is just the beginning.


Maintenance Update


Things are going well with the main bulk of the work done now. Just a bit more crunching and you’ll be given your first peek at the new system. Thanks for your patience.

Mister B

NameDrive Maintenance

Morning everyone,

NameDrive is undergoing a complete face lift and is implementing a huge number of new features for you.

As a result, our homepage will be down for scheduled maintenance today for a couple of hours while we put the changes live.

Your parking pages and earnings will not be affected while the homepage is offline.

While you are waiting for the page to come back up, you can watch these videos to see what is coming.
Watch the videos

We apologise for any inconvenience, but the wait will be worth it.


MisterBlogs and Twitter

MisterBlogs and Twitter. Now in perfect harmony :)

Check out NameDrive tweets here.

Mister B

ND Weekly #84

ND Weekly

Hello everyone,

This week brings us the results of some very interesting studies
into internet usage, more internet success stories and the tales
of two corporations’ attempts to take advantage of their names.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Mister B

ND Weekly-Word

Google’s Profit Is Up 8%, Beating Analysts’ Estimates
The slumping economy has broken Google’s streak: The Internet search giant said Thursday that it had its first decline in revenue compared with the previous quarter since it went public in 2004, as marketers reined in their online advertising budgets.
But Google is also showing signs that it has adapted quickly to the new economic reality. With its growth slowing sharply compared with a year ago, Google has imposed severe cost controls and slashed expenses. As a result, Google reported net income for the first quarter of $1.42 billion, an 8 percent jump from a year earlier and higher than analysts expected.

Valuable domain names ‘can still be registered’
Businesses and individuals can still register some valuable domain names even though it is a common assumption that the best domains have already been taken.
This is according to Patricio Robles, tech reporter for Econsultancy, who explained that the recession means some domain name owners can no longer afford to keep all of the domains in their portfolio, some of which could be worth much to those who are able to develop them.

Africa’s top-level domains stymied by manual operations
Low Internet penetration, poor marketing strategies and manual operations of registries have hampered the growth of Africa’s top level domains.
Automation is critical; most African domain registries are operated manually and take a long time before the domain can be approved while .com address take minutes to purchase, said Ndukwe Kalu, president of the Nigeria Internet Registration Association.
“There are several registrars in Africa selling foreign domains because it makes business sense. The local domain may be free but it does not make a business case to commit several hours just for one domain,” Kalu said.

.eu: three years on, three million domain names
Three years after its launch, the .eu top-level internet domain continues to be a success story. There are now more than three million internet domains under Europe’s own top-level domain. Even the financial crisis has not stopped this growth: the number of .eu domains increased by 2% during the first quarter of 2009, and .eu was firmly entrenched as the fifth most popular country code top-level domain worldwide. By promoting a distinctly European online identity .eu can help citizens and businesses to reap the full benefits of Europe’s single market. Multinational companies and SMEs, NGOs, think tanks as well as citizens have all adopted .eu to mark their web presence. They are not the only ones. Early last month, Sweden made a symbolic gesture by being the first Member State to adopt “.eu” for its official website dedicated to the Presidency of the European Union that will start on 1 July:

Dell had change of heart for Web domain
Is $750 too much for a $61 billion computer maker to pay for a domain name — especially when it involves one of the fastest-growing segments of the industry’s business?
It was for Dell Inc.
Last month, Round Rock-based Dell (Nasdaq: DELL) launched its ultrathin laptop computer called the Adamo. But Dell, the No. 2 computer maker in the world, spent nearly three months playing a name game before finally spending the money for the domain
Dell’s approach provides a cautionary tale, experts said, for computer companies trying to attract customers at a time of shrinking profit margins as consumers increasingly rely on simple Web site addresses to skip search engines.

Study Shows Generic Domains Improve PPC Campaign Results
Many internet marketers have speculated that generic domains are favorable for pay-per-click marketing because of their increased relevancy, however one domain name reseller has decided to prove it., a seller of high quality generic domain names, has released a study comparing three identical PPC ads featuring different domain names — one generic name with an exact match to the product, one alternative generic, and one non-generic — to measure which style of domain name attracts the most clicks.
First, the company developed and published an 11-page information-based minisite dedicated to electric bicycles, a popular product group among environmentally-friendly travellers. It then used three domain names to compare the results:

HP asks ICANN for domain name rule change
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has been asked to amend a rule for its forthcoming generic top-level domain (gTLD) names restricting companies to suffixes no shorter than three characters.
HP said that it wants to register the .hp domain name when the new gTLDs come into force, but is prevented from doing so due to ICANN’s rules for the domains, Domain Name Wire reports.
ICANN’s regulations state that two-character registrations can only be used for country code domain names.

A $6 Trillion Business in the Making?
Who says that ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM) is the greatest company in the history of the world? If Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) is the next Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT), then it will one day be worth $20,000 a share, or more than $6 trillion in market value. So says MarketWatch technology columnist John Dvorak.
“[Google is] on the same carnival ride we witnessed with Microsoft. Even at today’s closing price, Microsoft’s stock value essentially has grown by around 200 times since its IPO,” Dvorak wrote earlier this month.
Google closed at just more than $100 on Aug. 19, 2004, the stock’s first trading day after its public offering. A 200-fold increase would, indeed, come to $20,000 per share. Multiplying that by 315 million shares outstanding equals $6.3 trillion in market value.
Can you imagine? According to the World Bank, only the U.S. and the European Union produce more in gross domestic product annually.

Pool Taking Pre-Orders for Non-Existent Domain Names
Pool teams up with Quintaris to offer pre-orders domains for new TLDs.
In a move that will surely add confusion to an already crazy process, domain backordering service is accepting pre-orders for non-existent domain names such as .xxx and .web.
The service accepts pre-orders for second level domain names on about 50 top level domain names that it thinks will be pursued. Customers can also pre-order a domain for any top level domain they can think of.

Average American Surfed 2,554 Pages in March
The average American visited 111 internet domains and surfed 2,554 web pages in March 2009, according to (pdf) data from Nielsen Online, a service of The Nielsen Company.
Nielsen also reported that the duration of time spent at a given web page in the US averaged 56 seconds, and that the average number of web sessions per person was 62. The number of domains and web pages was down slightly from numbers for January, though the time spent at each page increased by one second.

Thanks to the following sources:

Hello from Poland

Hello everyone from Warsaw, Poland, where ND is attending the Secondary Market 2009 conference.

This is the second conference organised by the Polish registry, NASK, which NameDrive has attended. .pl is one of the fastest-growing ccTLDs in the world and is set to become the fifth-biggest European ccTLD by the end of the year. NameDrive has always been very active in the Polish market – our homepage has been in Polish since 2006, so it’s great to catch up with all the movers in this rapidly-expanding market.

Here are a couple of pics for you all in MisterBlogsLand.

Mister B

The NDX letters promise things to come with NameDrive’s new NDX Market launching imminently
NDX in the lobby

A packed house for James from NameDrive’s presentation to open the day
Conference room

The letters proved to give everyone a good photo op for the folks back home :)
NDX Photo opportunity

The view from the hotel
View from the hotel

It’s almost time for the aftershow party, so I’ll be signing off.

ND Weekly #83

ND Weekly

Hello everyone,

This week we have plenty of tips to help you get the most from your
domains, plus some interesting news about .me and .eco TLDs.

Hope you all have a happy Easter.

Mister B

ND Weekly-Word

Generic Domain Name Doubles Traffic From Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Ad Campaign
PPCSE study shows ads featuring a generic domain name produce up to 105% more clicks than identical ads using non-generic domains.
Online marketers needing to generate more search clicks got a big boost today from the results of a new analysis of generic domain names.
A study tested the AdWords performance of ads sharing identical headlines, copy and landing page content, but using different display and landing page URLs.
The results showed that the use of a generic domain name matching the product searched for can as much as double the number of clicks received across a range of related keywords.
The study revealed that:
- The CTR of ads featuring an “ideal match” generic domain was between 15% and 42% higher than either of the generic and non-generic domain name alternatives.
- The winning generic domain name also produced between 45% and 105% more clicks than the alternatives, across the same timeframe and keyword set.

Domain Name Portfolio Announced For Sale
A premiere domain name portfolio that could revolutionize the way real estate is bought and sold is announced for sale.
It’s become a popular portfolio of domain names, and now the owner has announced its for sale. This rare real estate domain name portfolio is composed of all 50 U.S. state names. Despite the credit crunch, real estate remains one of the top five topics visitors search on the Internet.
The Real Estate Domain portfolio as it’s known on the web may be found at Real Estate Domain dot com, and it may be one of the most comprehensive domain name collections to ever be amassed. It includes Washington D.C., making the full portfolio 51 names.

Keywords in Domain Names – Are They Helpful in Branding or SEO?
Usage of keyword in the domain name and page can be quite crucial in molding the success of the intended business goals and tapping desired clientele. This is why is very important to choose a domain name that matches your business goals and customer’s.
Usage of keyword in the domain name and page can be quite crucial in molding the success of the intended business goals and tapping desired clientele. This is why is very important to choose a domain name that matches your business goals and customer’s.
To choose a domain may sound like an easy task but it can have a crucial influence on your website rankings and branding perception. In today’s internet market when everybody is internet savvy, the importance of keywords usage in the domain name can give your website the needed advantage over your competition. Nowadays, Internet is used for almost all kind of research, from products researching to getting health advice. Thereby entrepreneurs are becoming more conscious of bridging the gap between their targeted clientele.

New Web domains will cost businesses
Businesses say they are worried they will have to spend millions to guard their brands with the coming of many new World Wide Web address suffixes.
A new stream of Web domain names ending in everything from “.a” to “.z” will join the familiar “.com” and “.org” beginning next year under a plan approved by Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers — and that has businesses worried that a gold mine will open for scammers, USA Today reported Tuesday.
“It costs companies hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, to enforce their trademark rights in the existing space, so imagine how expensive it will be when Verizon gets infringed in a thousand new domains,” Sarah Deutsch, vice president and associate general counsel for Verizon, told the newspaper. “Many businesses feel this is a form of extortion.”

Internet Users Worldwide Make .ME Unique & Useful
Fascinating .ME Domains Popping Up All Around The World
How would you use a .ME domain? This personalized domain has exploded in popularity on the Internet over the last year. Whether it’s an online business card, personal or corporate blog, even a college search site, people worldwide are finding truly unique and useful ways to incorporate .ME domains into their online marketing messages.
The result — these sites stand out from the crowd!
.ME is the country-code top level domain (ccTLD) of Montenegro, available to anyone. More than 223,000 .ME domains have been registered since April 2008 with a wide variety of personal and professional uses.
“Dot-ME is the fastest-growing ccTLD on the Web,” stated Predrag Lesic, the executive director of the .ME Registry. “Practically every day I find another fascinating Web site using our domain extension in an impressive way. People and companies worldwide are making dot-ME — all about them!” Here are just a few clever examples:

Top tips offered on choosing the best domain name
Those looking for a new domain should first consider a number of different issues, an expert has said.
According to Suzanna Stinnett of the Great Adaptations blog, businesses should not chase after domain names that only end in .com.
She explained that it is possible to have a top-ranking website with another domain name suffix, although it is important to carefully consider whether country-specific and other domains are right for that particular site.
Ms Stinnett also urged businesses to avoid going for domain names that are quirkily spelt, such as aktorzKv instead of The Actor’s Cave.
She added: “Remember that you will be speaking your domain name to people. What will they think first? What’s the spelling they are most likely to visualise when you say the name?”

Sierra Club supports creation on new .eco web address
America’s oldest, largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization, announced it has joined Al Gore, the Alliance for Climate Protection and Surfrider in supporting Dot Eco LLC’s application to create a new “.eco” top level domain.
Website and email addresses ending in .eco will enable individuals to express their support for environmental causes, companies to promote their environmental initiatives and environmental organizations to maintain their websites in a namespace that is more relevant to their core missions. By charter and mission, a majority of the profits of the .eco initiative will be distributed to support environmental causes.
More… Sells for $65K On
The domain, sold today at for $65,100 in a private auction which was opened to just 115 people at and lasted over 3 hours of extended bidding of course could be used in connection with 401kplans and appears to generate several thousands visitors a month according to
It is also the area code for Rhode Island.
According to other number domains that sold this year include:

Kumo traffic spotted in the wild
Has bigmouthmedia been among the first to spot referrals from MSN’s new search domain As we reported last month, Microsoft has been internally testing its new search engine, Kumo, which is expected to be released later this year. The referrals we found suggest that there may be some degree of public testing going on too.
The referral, found on Google Analytics, comes from / search, suggesting that this is organic traffic. The person looked at 3 pages over 11 minutes which suggests someone actually using the search engine rather than just testing it.

Google Search Serves De Facto Local Results
Google beefed up its search capabilities by introducing an international version of Google Suggest.
Google Suggest, launched last August, simplifies searches by providing suggestions based on popular keywords after a few keystrokes are entered. It also auto-corrects spelling mistakes and remembers earlier searches so users don’t have to re-type the entire word.
The international version adds localized suggestions to account for various cultural and local factors. Users in different countries will get suggestions relevant to their location: whereas in the past, users had to type in a location along with their search to get local results, general searches will now bring local results up by default.

Thanks to the following sources:

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