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Hello everyone,

As April Fools´ Day approached, internet users around the world
anxiously waited to see what form of mischief the Conficker
worm would unleash. Also this week, ICAAN continues to feel
the pressure in regards to TLD name expansion.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Mister B

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Conficker Still a Threat, Say Experts
It is premature to dismiss the threat potential of the Conficker virus warn experts, as millions of computers still remain infected worldwide.
On April 1, the Conficker virus was supposed to get a new update, something that had put PC users and security experts in a frenzy as speculations kept flying about what the virus, which has infected 15 million computers worldwide, would do next. However, the day passed without the worm showing any activity.
Security experts, though, warn that the virus is still a threat. Carl Leonard, threat research manager of Websense Security Labs said, “There has been some follow-on attacks within search engines that are utilizing the NEWS, but this is nothing new. Conficker should still be considered a serious threat however. There are millions of machines that are infected and the capability is definitely there for attackers to utilize the network for nefarious purposes.”

Conficker postmortem: Hype distracted but threat is real
April 1 has come and gone and in the minds of many people the Conficker worm turned out to be a joke instead of the major Internet security event that might have been envisioned. Was the hype good, or bad, and who is to blame?
“I’m not sure what to think,” said Bruce Schneier, chief security technology officer at BT, who is usually critical or pessimistic. “In a sense, the whole Conficker thing just puts a name on a general problem.”
The problem is that there are tons of malicious programs and attacks out there on the Internet every day and people don’t do enough to protect their computers, experts say. People need to be vigilant in patching their systems and updating their antivirus and other security software all the time, and not just when there is a virus outbreak. This isn’t new at all.
Lots of other worms and botnets are doing real damage, experts say, but Conficker garnered the media attention because it was configured to activate on a certain date. The fact that the date happened to be April Fools’ Day only lended to its mystique.

Are Domain Names A Sound Investment?
While the global economy continues to decline, domain industry is showing an enviable growth, especially when it comes to selling top generic domain names.
Over the past few weeks, we have witnessed strong sales activities on the secondary domain market. Some recent eye-popping sales of generic domains along with other high sales are good grounds to convince us in the recession-proof nature of domain business.
Global toy conglomerate TOYS R US have purchased the Toys.com domain for the reported 5.1 million dollars. According to Ron Jackson, not only is that the biggest sale of 2009 so far, but it also ranks as one of the ten biggest sales ever reported.

Chinese character top-level domain may be available in 4Q09
The Chinese character spelling for Taiwan can be used as a top-level domain in place Taiwan’s currently assigned TLD (.tw) beginning as early as the fourth quarter of 2009, according to industry sources citing Tina Dam, director of the Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) Program under the ICANN.

Dell Belatedly Buys Adamo.com Domain For Its Hot Notebook
Last week, a blog post hit Techmeme detailing how Dell had screwed up by not securing Adamo.com for its ultra-thin notebook, which CrunchGear’s John Biggs spotted at SXSW a day before its official release on March 17.
It’s not like they tried: the former owner of the domain name, Tucows subsidiary YummyNames, has no record of ever even being approached for a sale or lease of the internet address. Dell claims they had a broker contact the firm anonymously, who was quickly convinced the price would be too high (yet YummyNames leases domains from $750 per month).

GoDaddy Gets Split Decision in Domain Dispute
GoDaddy wins one domain name, loses two others in UDRP.
An arbitrator has handed down a split decision in a domain dispute brought by GoDaddy.com at World Intellectual Property Organization.
As Domain Name Wire reported back in February, Go Daddy filed four UDRPs at WIPO for a number of domains covered by its trademarks. The most interesting case was against Domainsnext.com, a domain reseller. The dispute involved gotodaddy.com, gotodaddynot.com and gotodaddynot.net.

International Sport Federations Act to Secure New .sport Internet Domain
Denver, USA (PRWEB) April 1, 2009 — Key figures from the international sport community have agreed to serve on a Policy Advisory Council (PAC) to assist dotSport LLC gain the right to manage the .sport top-level Internet domain when the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) begins taking applications for new top level domains later this year.
The .sport PAC held its inaugural meeting on the opening day of the SportAccord Conference 2009 in Denver, USA. The PAC has been established by the international sports family to provide assistance to dotSport LLC in domain name policy development, should dotSport LLC prevail with its application to administer the .sport top-level domain (TLD) for the global sport community.

.tel passes 100,000 domains
Since the general availability phase of the new .TEL domain started on March 24th, the registry has now already passed 100,000 registrations according to insider sources. A 6-12 hour delay in new domain propagation, seems to confirm the high registry load. It seems that many investors, speculators and other registrants flock to the launch of the new TLD due to the availability of one-word generic domains and the supposed SEO potential of the domain.

Senator Snowe Backs New Bill Calling For Stricter US Control Over ICANN
The Senate Commerce Chairman John (Jay) Rockefeller and Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, introduced legislation today that would require a presidentially appointed cybersecurity advisory panel to ensure that national security would not be compromised before approving the renewal or modification of the contract between the U.S. government and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN.
The bill calls for federal government to maintain greater control of the ICANN and are intended to give the federal government tighter control over the Internet’s domain registration.

The Next Big Thing in Domain Monetization?: New Companies Are Making the Dream of Affordable Mass Development a Reality
Domain name portfolio owners have long dreamed of a day when it would be possible to affordably develop their names en masse. That day is now here, but there are still many questions to be asked. The most important one being “will mass produced mini-sites make more money than the traditional solution, domain parking?”
We set out to get the answer to that and other questions about a rapidly growing new sector of the domain industry devoted to mass development. Since this category is so new (most of the companies started offering their services just months ago) there aren’t many long term track records to go by yet.

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