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Pros and cons of the new generic TLDs
Beginning in the last quarter of 2009, and after three years of drafting and discussing proposals, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which is the governing body for Internet domain names, will receive the first applications to sell an unlimited number of new generic top-level domain names, or gTLDs, those letters that come after the dot in a Web address, such as .com, .org and .net.

Ads featuring generic domain names attract more clicks
Using a generic domain name in PPC ads attracts more clicks than when a non-generic domain name is used, according to a recent study by U.K.-based domain retailer Memorable Domains.
A generic domain name describes a product or service using the words an Internet user would typically associate with the topic. The benefits of generic domain names are that they attract more search engine clicks (both organic and paid) for product and service searches.

1 and 2 Character .Biz Domain Names Face Delays
NeuStar asks for prompt approval of plan to release one and two character .biz domain names.
.Biz registry NeuStar has sent a letter to ICANN expressing its disappointment that the ICANN board delayed approving the release of one and two character .biz domain names (pdf).
According to the letter, the ICANN board was supposed to vote on NeuStar’s proposal at its April 23 meeting but time ran out before a vote was held.

Ad.com domain name sells for $1.4m
A recent domain name auction at the TRAFFIC Silicon Valley event in California saw Ad.com sell for $1.4 million (£928 million).
Overall, 91 domain names were sold for in excess of $2.1 million at the auction, with other big sales including BottledWater.com for $45,000, Athletic.com for $40,000 and Vixen.com for $32,500.
Shutter.com, Diets.net and OnlineTelevision.com were also among the other big sales at the auction.
A number of domain names have been sold for seven-figure sums this year, including Toys.com for $5.1 million, Auction.com for $1.7 million and Fly.com for $1.76 million.

Reding wants globally responsible, privatised ICANN
In her weekly video message, European Union commissioner for Information Society and Media, Viviane Reding, urged for the body that assigns internet addresses to shed its US government links.
Ever since the birth of the internet as a Pentagon project, it has been under different forms of US government supervision. For the past decade, day-to-day responsibility for managing the assignment of domain names and IP addresses has been in the hands of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).
ICANN has been registered in the state of California as a not-for-profit corporation.

Spammers cash in on Swine Flu
The first swine flu e-mail with a malicious attachment surfaced last week with more potential phishing attacks and e-mail scams doing the rounds says F-Secure
F-Secure says spammers are taking advantage of public concern about the swine flu (also known as H1N1) outbreak. 1,344 domains registered over the weekend are using the words swine flu. So far, none of the domains are hosting any malicious files expect the ‘Swine Flu FAQ’ exploit reported last week.

Promotion of Chinese domain name “.中国 (China)” starts
The nation-wide popularization campaign for the use of the Chinese-language domain name “.中国 (China)” was launched in Beijing on May 7.
According to an official from the China Internet Network Information Center (CINIC), developing the domain name of .中国 is an important means to accelerate the application and popularity of the Internet in China, allow the Internet to better play its role in supporting and advancing the Chinese economy, and spread the excellent culture of the Chinese nation.

Moniker Silent Auction Nets $460K
The Moniker.com silent auction from the TRAFFIC show just closed on SnapNames.com and auction netting $460K in sales with 201 domains sold.
Here is a complete list of the domain that sold at the silent auction, combined with the Live Moniker.com auction the Moniker team did a very respectable $2.6M in sales for the TRAFFIC show.

.TV domain name will disappear as Tuvalu is sinking
GoDaddy is telling its clients not to buy .TV domains because the small island country is slowly sinking; Tuvalu is the small island country that is responsible for the .TV web address. The problem is that the island nation is slowly sinking and that one day the country will be abandoned and according to ICANN so should all of the address related to that specific country code.

How Google Determines the Relevance of a Page
Have you ever wondered why Google.com delivers different results for a user in the US than for a user in Germany? This is a question I recently had to answer for a client, and it would have been much easier to send him to a link than to spend half an hour trying to explain what many skilled SEOs already know.
For Web searchers though, the reasons are not so obvious. Of course, they can deduce that Google delivers results based on the geographic location of the searcher, which is determined by the IP address of the user.

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