Weekly Digest #101

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here we are again a few of the stories doing the rounds on the domaining scene. Apple stamping down on the use of Iphone related domain names used for porn sites, Domaining.com blocked by firefox etc, launch of the dot-Bharat name in Hindi for the large numbers of non English speaking indians and more.

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Apple Files Complaint Against iPhone Porn Sites for Domain Name

The leading tech corporation filed a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization on Thursday after discovering that several porn operators were using their iPhone brand as their domain names, Domain Name Wire reported.

Following the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy, the Cupertino-based company listed seven iPhone-related domains that it hopes to gain control of, which currently forwarded to x-rated sites.

Those include: iphonecamforce.com, iphonecam4s.com, iphoneporn4s.com, iphonesex4s.com, iphonexxxforce.com, iphone4s.com, porn4iphones.com.

Apple has purportedly fallen behind on registering domain names before the release of their products. They did not gain control of their iPhone4.com domain until July 2011, nearly one year after the release of the phone on June 24, 2010. The domain name now forwards to the company’s actual iPhone pages.

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Would Domaining.com Have Been Seized Or Cancelled Today By VeriSign If The Proposed Policy Was In Effect

Ever since Kevin Murphy broke the news on TheRegister.co.uk, that VeriSign is asking for take down powers without court orders, the domain blog world has been a buzz with posts about the proposed policy. Verisign wants the power to “be able to enforce the “denial, cancellation or transfer of any registration” where a domain is deemed to be “abusive”.

Included in the laundry list of reasons for taking down a domain or even cancelling the registration is: “(e) to respond to or protect against any form of malware (defined to include, without limitation, malicious code or software that might affect the operation of the Internet).”

At the same time this story broke, most domainers are aware that the blog aggregator domaining.com was been reported as a “bad actor” by all of the browsers and blocked.According to Francois who owns and operates domaining.com, it has been a victim of an attack “of an SQL injection attack originating from multiple Chineses IPs”.

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Domain start-up Winged Media gets $3 million Carnegie Innovation ...‎

“Domaining has increased its momentum throughout 2011, with activity levels outperforming the NASDAQ during key periods.”

Winged Media, a domain name trading start-up, has pulled off a $3 million investment deal with the Carnegie Innovation Fund, for a minority stake in the business, said to be “less than 10%.”

The deal, which values the business at more than $30 million, is the first of its kind in a tech company by the Carnegie venture capital firm, which was founded by Mark Carnegie last year. It manages around $200 million in committed capital across various funds.

Winged Media, which was launched in December 2009, will use the investment to expand its presence in the US. Currently, it has 23 members of staff in Australia, with a further two in a new office in Santa Monica, California. The business focuses on a range of services in the digital media, online advertising and online publishing. Its core business, however, is a professional domain trading service. It buys domain names, builds websites and then sells them on for a profit.

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Hindi domain name to bridge digital divide

India is preparing to launch the dot-Bharat domain name in Hindi in May with the aim of bridging the digital divide in the country

New Delhi: India is preparing to launch the dot-Bharat domain name in Hindi in May with the aim of bridging the digital divide in the country. The move will enable organizations and individuals to register their website addresses in Hindi—and later more local languages—making them more accessible to a large proportion of Indians who aren’t familiar with English.

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